About Us

  Kurşunel Kalıp was founded in 1985 by Hasan Kurşunel and has evolved into a quality brand by keeping up with evolving technology

  Kurşunel Kalıp has strengthened its technological infrastructure day by day and has become one of the pioneers in the production of sheet metal progressive moldings and welded construction painted sheet metal parts in its modern factory having a large workshop park and an indoor area of 4000 m2.

  We initially started our journey as Kurşunel Kalıp in 1985, and our experience of more than 30 years has led to the birth of the Kukamet brand.

  We have started to produce manual and pneumatic toggle clamp, pneumatic swing clamp and pneumatic gripper in 2010 and have reached a product range of more than 1000 models. With our quality and competitive pricing, our company, which has quickly established itself as the market leader in Turkey, is It has become competitive with other businesses around the globe.

  By means of our increasing export and our leading position in the domestic market, our brand recognition and brand strength are constantly increasing. We are taking take the justified pride of being the first and only local firm which could take place in written specifications of leading firms in various sectors from automotive and defense industry to transportation systems and energy. 

  In a variety of sectors, including the automotive industry, defense and aerospace, rail transportation, white goods, and machinery, we add value to the production process.
Kukamet also installs the first automated assembly line in Turkey and produces accurate products at a time faultlessly and in standard tolerances.

  Our experienced production team performs production with the approach of zero-defect at every stage through automation and robotic system. It is ensured that the waste is zero in material handling and in operation periods of labor power.

   Every product is designed down to the last detail in computer environment with cad-cam programs used by automotive giants.

  All manufactured products are examined by our quality control specialists, and cycle times are calculated in a lab setting in addition to force tests.We believe that working systematically with a strong team is the greatest reason why our customers prefer us. We think that it is not enough to just exist, and believe that it is essential to increase in size by developing. We owe our systematic work to our ISO 9001 certificate that we have been holding since 2004. 

  Kukamet takes fast and firm steps forward to become the best manual and pneumatic clamp manufacturer in the world.
  Kukamet conducts more extensive research in order offer innovative products that assist production and always offers you the best.

Our Mission

With our efficiency, productivity and agility we are here to increase the value that we injected to the society, the success of the companies that we cooperate to grow and develope and its competitive power and the life quality of people continuously and specifically for our customers and employees.


Our Vision

Our mission is to be an innovative, cerative , competitive, pioneering and unique company that is fast in the direction of the expectations of domestic and foreign customers in the mold and production sector and finds professional solutions, produces surplus value for its stakeholders more specifically.


Our Aim

As an organization which is sensitive to the social rules and aims at developing and growth, our aim is to achieve our customer’s dependence and satisfy them by making the right thing properly. So we produce high quality products at a reasonable price and offer to our customers them on time and gain their trust.


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